IOT Application Development


IoT offers remote patient monitoring facility, offers automated clinical workflows to enhance patient experience, and by using an IoT app you can modernize patient assistance. IoT provides smart healthcare management that is comprehensive and convenient.


IoT offers the beneficial features like fleet monitoring & management, vehicle tracking, connected vehicles, and remote vehicle diagnostics for the automobile industry. Apart from enhancing performance and improving efficiency, IoT reduces operating costs as well.


IoT optimizes customer’s retail experience, provides real time visibility of stock levels and automated re-order alerts, reduces carriage distance and improves fuel efficiency. With IoT, warehouse automation is possible that optimizes stock movement.


Smart metering facility of IoT results in cost savings for customers. IoT enabled asset performance management reduces energy wastage and improves energy generation, transmission and distribution. Energy distribution by IoT assists control, connect and manage complex energy grids via a single console.


IoT enable product asset management reduces inventory, manhours and energy. IoT solution helps refresh factory operations, allows remote equipment management, improved productivity and enhanced workforce safety. IoT solutions help control manufacturing safety through sensors in the manufacturing unit. IoT makes smart manufacturing possible.


The areas where IoT solutions mark improvement in the construction industry are inventory replenishment, remote operation, tools and equipment tracking and predictive maintenance. Nest-gen IoT sensors make these benefits possible.